The biggest problem that leads to endless confusion in digital marketing is that most people and organisations have no clue where to start. That’s why I have created this practical strategy for you, packed with tips, tools and resources that will save you tons of time and energy, because you’ll start off knowing which way to go instead of wandering aimlessly through the clutter.

How to use your Digital Marketing Strategy

This is no ordinary digital marketing strategy that you should simply skim through and never look at again. This Blueprint was made specifically to help you plan your social media & online content marketing strategy from start to finish. In the end a comprehensive plan will exist and be your own personal roadmap for digital marketing success.

Each step is split in to two sections:

1) An introduction and rationalization for that step

2) Practical tips for that step


Step One: The Destination

Step Two: Know Your Audience

Step Three: Your Story

Step Four: The Landscape

Step Five: Source of Growth

Step Six: Content Mix

Step Seven: Media Mix

Step Eight: Platform Mix

Step Nine: Timing Mix

Step Ten: How to Measure Social