I have been meaning to write this blog post for a number of weeks now. Eoin Kennedy and CONGgregation gave me that final push I needed to put fingers to keys. You see, to attend this Un-conference, you have to blog your way in. What a genius idea.

CongRegation is a one day ‘un-conference’ social media gathering taking place in Cong, Co Mayo on Saturday November 30th.

This free ‘earned entry’ event focuses on peer to peer sharing of quality information and social media insights through a ‘huddle’ style collaborative structure.

Congregation also creates a fertile base for true social engagement and connection.

The un-conference takes place in the village of Cong in County Mayo with 100 speakers spread over 7 venues with 4 sessions.

So here is my congtribution (you see what I did there)

Evergreen Content Marketing

When it comes to Content Marketing, the re-use (and re-marketing) of Evergreen content is a very efficient and effective practice that we should all use.

So what is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen Content is content that will not go out of date anytime soon (if ever). In other words, it may be a blog post, podcast or video that adds value in the form of advice or education that has a long shelf life. An example of non-evergreen content might be a specific ‘how-to’ blog post or video explaining a Facebook feature that becomes obsolete when Facebook make a change.

Another great attribute of Evergreen Content is it can be repackaged and re-marketed. Not only that but with inbound marketing tools like Socialoomph, this marketing can be set to auto-pilot.

So here’s what you need to consider.

  • Write an ‘evergreeen’ blog post that entertains, empowers and educates.
  • Write a number of engaging tweets relating to the blog post.
  • Enter the tweets into socialoomph
  • Scehdule them to ‘tweet’ every 4 – 6 hours, depending on how frequently you manually tweet.

Here is a screenshot from my Socialoomph account showing a number of scheduled tweets directing people to the same eBook.


Here is another example of re-purposing and re-marketing content.

In September I hosted my first webinar entitled “Increase Sales with Facebook – 30 Tips in 30 Minutes” to promote (and sell) our Online Facebook Marketing Course. For this webinar I created 34 Slides, 1 for each tip, 1 about my background, 1 about clients challenges and 1 about the course.

The webinar was recorded and the video was sent to people who registered but could not make it on the night.

The slides were saved as a PDF which is being used as a lead magnet to attract subscribers to my mailing list.

Cover designed by contractor on oDesk for $10.

I now use Socialoomph (for free) to send tweets multiple times a day (every 4 to 6 hours) promoting the eBook.

So the webinar gave me:

  • Sales
  • A video (leading to more sales)
  • An eBook (lead magnet getting me new subscribers which may lead to sales)
  • A blog post (plus this blog post) for SEO
  • Evergreen content for re-marketing

Socialoomph sends traffic to my subscribe page everyday on autopilot.

Other ways to repackage content include:

  • Create new blog posts by updating previous blog posts if something significantly new is worth sharing
  • Create an eBook from your most popular posts. Use this as a lead magnet to get new subscribers.
  • Tweet and auto-tweet with Socialoomph
  • Host a webinar using the above
  • Create a video from the webinar