Sales Lead Generator and Email Automation Webinar

Email Marketing still holds the No. 1 spot for sales conversion. Email Marketing Automation is the reason.

Yet so many people only send out Newsletters using MailChimp OR even worse, do no email marketing at all.

Well I have finally made the move to ActiveCampaign and when you see what it can do, you’ll move too.

I mean, it’s really power is automation and for the cost involved it is amazing. Plus moving to it from MailChimp etc. only takes minutes.

You can even start using the full version with all the automation features for free (up to 250 subscribers, $29 per month for 2,500).

So, if you want to learn more about email marketing, list building and automation, I am delivering a free 30 minute course live online on Tuesday next at 8pm GMT.

You will learn:

  1. About the power of ActiveCampaign (and how easy it is to get started)
  2. How to grow a quality email list with a lead magnet
  3. How to create a lead page for the lead magnet and connect it to ActiveCampaign
  4. How to set up a simple automated sequence to increase sales

I’ll be honest, this is the best free training I have ever put together so don’t miss it.


Video Marketing Tips – UPDATED with Hardware used

My recent ‘What do you want from me?‘ email got a lot of replies. I am working through them all so please bare with me.

One of the more popular questions was around video marketing.

Here are some tips.

The microphone I use is the DV CAMCORDER SHORT SHOTGUN MICROPHONE. There are others that cost less that are just as good.


To plug it into the iPhone you will need the Tascam IXZ.

Royalty Free Images for 84c


I love Dollar Photo Club (Aff. Link). The images are high quality and cost just €0.84 ($1).

Years ago I thought it was ok to ‘borrow’ images from a Google Image Search but then I read “How using Google Images can cost you $8,000“.

Then I tried a whole load of so called free image sites but I’d spend ages searching them all to find that ‘right’ image.

Then I found Dollar Photo Club. Considering the range and quality and at €0.84 an image, it’s a no brainer.

You do need to subscribe for $10 per month and for this you get 10 images. You can buy 10 and then unsubscribe if you don’t think you will use 10 a month. But if you’re not using 10 per month then your not doing much digital marketing.

I use them for Facebook, Twitter, Blog Posts, Speakific, eBooks, PowerPoint Slides and so on.

See how it works in the video below and if you like it then click on – Yes, I get a small commission for letting you know about this great resource.

How to add a link and call to action to a Facebook Video

Facebook have made 2 significant changes regarding videos.

These changes show how significant online video is becoming and how we can take advantage of this in our marketing.

1. Videos that are uploaded directly to Facebook will be displayed larger than videos shared from YouTube

2. You can now include a CALL-TO-ACTION and a link to a website within the video.

See how to do it in the video below.

[VIDEO] Education Based Marketing Masterclass

Here is the recording from our Education Based Marketing Materclass delivered at the Leitrim Business Network July Meeting.

You can watch the recording below (with the Q & A at end reomved, roaming mic next time)

Thanks to The Hive and AVTech for providing this excellent live streaming service.

We have also included the slides here.

Education Based Marketing with Johnny Beirne from Johnny Beirne